Are you proud of your property and want it to remain safe and well maintained, but you cannot be there enough to take care of it yourself?
Our Property Management service is the perfect solution:

Monthly or Fortnightly house inspection and control:


Unfortunately, there are also burglaries in Spain, especially in holiday homes on the coast. In addition, there are also illegal occupations of holiday homes and this number is growing. The problem with squatters (“Okupas”) is not new here in Spain. They were often families with children looking for a place to sleep because they had been evicted, but nowadays the squatting of houses has also become a profitable activity for criminals. There are more and more squatters who occupy houses and want to earn money by selling the entire contents and only want to leave your holiday home in exchange for “ransom”. If that happens to you as a home owner, it can become a very costly, unpleasant and long-lasting situation due to the current law in Spain. When squatters occupy the house, the owner must report the matter to the police within 48 hours. Within that time, the police can remove the squatters from the house.

If the report is not made within 48 hours, legal proceedings are the only option to remove the unwanted persons from the home, which can take up to 2 years.


The only way to contact the police in time is an alarm system.

An alarm system notifies as soon as someone tries to enter your home illegally. This report is registered and is passed on to the police, who then immediately expel the intruders from the home. In this case, you the owner of the house do not have to submit a personal declaration.

Novadesta has developed service packages that can overcome these problems. For this we have entered into a partnership with the alarm company Securitas Direct.

For a fixed amount per month, Novadesta relieves you of worries and the risk of high costs. We take care of the installation of the alarm, connection to the emergency central, subscription costs to Securitas Direct and responding to alarm notifications.

We have also included our property management checks in these packages. This way, your home is completely secured for a fixed amount per month and you will be kept informed of the state of your home every month or every two weeks.