Spain in times of the Coronavirus

It is undeniable that we are living through one of the worst crises the world could ever face. The corona virus is forcing many countries around the world to take exceptional measures to ensure the safety of its people, and we are all being called upon our social responsibility. This is not a moment to think just about ourselves it’s a moment to think of everyone in this society, and in particular of those in the high risk group such as the elderly and people with immune deficiencies due to illness. We need to stay at home and protect them by stopping the propagation of the virus.

It is in these kinds of moments that the nature of each society comes to light, and we could not be prouder to be part of the Spanish society than we are right now. We see the healthcare system working for those who get ill, and although the hospitals are flooded by people in need of urgent care, those who can stay at home, even with symptoms, stay at home as to not put more pressure on the healthcare workers, who are working day and night taking care of the sick, putting their own lives at risk in the process. We see hospitals appearing in the form of hotels, camps and convention centres. Anything that is necessary to ensure the correct treatment of those who need it.

We are seeing the streets being cleaned and sprayed to make sure the few people that must go out, are protected from the virus. We see the police and the military take to the streets to make sure no one is outside if not for a permitted reason. All this to protect us. 

We are so much in awe of all this that we step onto our balconies every night at 20:00h to applaud all the amazing people that are out there every day doing all they possibly can to make sure we all make it through this as a society.

Neighbours speak to each other trough walls and windows to make sure everyone is alright, and nobody needs anything. Able bodied people are offering their help to go grocery shopping for those who cannot, or should not, go outside during these times. Musicians step onto their balconies to play for those locked inside their houses, and we all come to the window to hear them play. 

It is in these kinds of moments that the nature of each society comes to light, and the nature of the Spanish society has indeed come to light. Although we already knew this from living here, the Spanish society is one that takes care of their sick, takes care of their elderly, takes care of their families and takes care of their neighbours. It is a society that once this crisis passes (and it will pass) will go out onto the streets to finally hug and kiss their loved ones. It will go to the restaurants to make sure they can start making money again. It will sit on the terraces and leave large tips for the waiters who could not work while all this was happening. It will go to their local shops to help them recover from all this. It is a society that will help itself grow again and it will not stop until it is completely recovered.

At Best of Spain we are proud to be part of this amazing society, and we stand behind what we have always said about this beautiful country; there is no place like Spain to live and to enjoy life to the fullest. We will be here waiting for you when you decide to make the best decision of your live; buying your dream home and beginning to live your dream life.