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If you want to buy or sell a home, Novadesta is happy to advise and assist you! Thanks to our many years of experience, we have built up excellent knowledge of the Spanish sales market and we know what to pay attention to when buying or selling a home, so that we can advise you properly and honestly. For example, a series of procedures and documents are required when buying a house. It is a demanding process that requires time, knowledge and a lot of experience to be able to buy safely and avoid nasty surprises after the purchase of the property. We always advise to contract a lawyer or a legal adviser who can check all paperwork and guide you through the buying or selling process. Here in Spain the new owner takes over any debts that still rest on the house. Of course you want to prevent this!

The following documents are important:

  • Escritura de Compraventa / Nota Simple (deed of purchase of the house)
  • Cédula de Habitabilidad o Licencia de Primera Ocupación (residence permit)
  • Certificado de no infracción urbanística (Statement that the municipality is not aware of any violations regarding construction or renovation of the house)
  • Certificado de libre de deudas de la comunidad de propietarios (Declaration that there are no debts to the Homeowners Association)
  • Certificado de eficiencia energética (Energy label)
  • Recibo del pago del IBI (Proof of real estate tax, preferably from the last 4 years)
  • Invoice from water, electricity and / or gas company

In addition to the necessary documents, there are also costs involved for both the buyer and the seller.

For example, the buyer must take into account 10-12% costs for tax, notary and registration costs.

The seller, if non-resident, pays 3% retention tax on the sale price, Plus Valía (tax on the increase in value of the land), IBI (property tax) for the year the property is sold, costs for the transfer of electricity-water and / or gas bills and any costs for arranging the above documents if they are not already present.

In case the seller is resident in Spain, the tax is 19% if a profit is made up to 6,000 euros. From 6,000 euros to 50,000 euros in profit, a tax rate of 21% applies and above 50,000 euros the tax rate is 23%.

If the seller is over 65 years of age, or if another (1st) home is bought in Spain within 2 years, there is exemption from this tax. The other costs are the same as for non-residents.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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